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Our Wednesday Webinar series provides a weekly look at some of the key issues (besides coronavirus) facing Wales, as well as an opportunity for discussion.

You can find the recording of our webinars below, and view the upcoming programme on our events page.

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The role of social business in the new normal

July 23rd 2020 - Presented by: Bevan Foundation webinar speaker Jake Henry Speaker at Bevan Foundation webinar Dr Mark Lang Speaker at social business webinar Jane Ryall

What role can social business play in the ‘new normal’? Coronavirus will change the economy in dramatic and unforeseen ways. For some, business is now busier than ever, while for others staff are furloughed and the future uncertain. This webinar […] »

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Closing the digital divide

July 16th 2020 - Presented by: Emma Stone Matthew Lloyd Scott Tandy

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced many people to move their lives on line, from Zoom meetings to internet shopping to Facebook quizzes and e-consultations with a GP. It is likely that many of these changes will stick. What does that […] »

Going local: How coronavirus could transform places

July 8th 2020 - Presented by: Tony Armstrong Ceri Cunnington Sarah Lloyd-Jones

The restrictions on everyday life are transforming how people live, work and shop. Queues of traffic on the A470 and A55 have all but disappeared, while local independent food shops have seen a big increase in trade. Many people are […] »

Putting housing at the heart of recovery

July 1st 2020 - Presented by: Aaron Hill John Puzey Tamsin Stirling

The restrictions on daily life to try to contain the Coronavirus have highlighted the vital importance of ‘home’ and exposed some of the deep inequalities in Wales’ housing provision. People in small, overcrowded homes have struggled to study, work and […] »

Poverty in a pandemic

June 24th 2020 - Presented by: Peter Matejic Rhiannon Robertson Sarah Stone

The Coronavirus outbreak has hit people in the grip of poverty hard. People in low-paid occupations are more likely to die from the virus, and have also been more likely to lose their jobs. The effects of lockdown on children […] »

Community spirit; food bank

Capturing the coronavirus community spirit

June 17th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Julia Unwin, DBE Louise Blackwell Helen Cunningham

The Coronavirus outbreak has triggered unprecedented community activity and volunteering. Is this a one-off response to the crisis, or can this unprecedented concern for our fellow citizens be harnessed for the future? This panel discussion with Julia Unwin DBE, Louise […] »

Poverty in Wales; Child poverty

Is it time for a Universal Basic Income in Wales

June 12th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Ian Gough Mark Hooper

The outbreak of Coronavirus has prompted calls for a Universal Basic Income to be introduced in Wales. Join our webinar to find out more about the idea, its pluses and pitfalls. The Coronavirus outbreak has seen more than 100,000 people […] »

Settled status for EU migrants

A Welsh Windrush? Settled status for EU migrants

June 4th 2020 - Presented by: Dr Victoria Winckler - host Dr Claire Thomas Úna Boyd Wiard Sterk

People from the EU who wish to remain in Wales must apply for ‘settled status’. In this webinar, Dr Claire Thomas, Policy & Research Officer at the Bevan Foundation, is joined by Una Boyd, Immigration project coordinator for CAJ, and […] »

Understanding the Everyday Economy and Why it matters

May 28th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Lloyd Jones Nisreen Mansour Ian Thomas

The coronavirus outbreak has identified the vital importance of the everyday (foundational) economy to our wellbeing. This webinar explains exactly what the everyday economy is and how it can be supported and grown. Some of the key topics covered include: […] »

Learning for life – in lockdown and beyond

May 22nd 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - chair Louise Casella Louise Wilford Milly Blenkin Jane Roberts

This webinar was hosted in conjunction with our partner The Open University in Wales during #LearningatWork week 2020 and takes the form of a panel discussion. In it we explore how organisations are providing opportunities to learn during lockdown, how […] »

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