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Wales faces unprecedented challenges and needs new solutions to make it fair, prosperous and sustainable. Subscribe today and help to improve people’s lives, as well as getting some great benefits!

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“The Bevan Foundation is at the cutting edge of policy thinking in Wales and produces invaluable research and evidence on the major issues that are of concern to academics, policy makers and the people of Wales. The Foundation’s work on poverty, inequality and citizenship means that is has become a vital part of Welsh Civil Society and I am very pleased to be a supporter.”

Ian Rees Jones, Professor of Sociological Research, Cardiff University

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“I appreciate the inputs the Bevan Foundation offers to the process of running Wales. If it did not exist, it would have to be invented.”

Peter Black, former Assembly member

“The Bevan Foundation provides an informed and articulate voice, and plays an important role in policy debates.”

Rhuanedd Richards, Chief Executive, Plaid Cymru

“The Bevan Foundation is a well-respected body and does invaluable work for Wales and the people of Wales.”

Lord Nicholas Bourne of Aberystwyth

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