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NHS Hyberbole

Posted in BlogBlog | Apr 14, 2014

The NHS in Wales has become a political football in recent weeks, despite the publication of what ought to have been a definitive statement on Wales vs England in the health league.  The Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation report compares…

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Review 24

Review 24

The Autumn 2013 edition of Review is packed with all the latest news from the Bevan Foundation. It features an article on the implications of poor diet and hunger in Wales by Kevin Morgan, Professor at the School of Planning…

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Making a Difference

The ‘Living Wage’

Posted in NewsNews |
wales this week 200

On Monday the 31st of March 2014, Bevan Foundation Director Victoria Winckler appeared on ITV Wales This Week to discuss the ‘Living Wage’. The ‘Living Wage’ is an amount calculated on the cost of living in the UK. Victoria explained…

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