The need for more support to tackle social isolation has been acknowledged

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Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash


Social isolation and loneliness and their implications have long been issues of public concern, but exacerbated by the pandemic. Since the first outbreak, we have been capturing the impact of Covid-19 on particular groups of people. Our reports have identified that many people who were at greater risk from catching Coronavirus are experiencing social isolation and loneliness, with many people relying on support provided by voluntary organisations.


Dealing with loneliness and social isolation is challenging as people’s reasons for feeling this way are varied and complex, with no easy one-size-fits-all solution. Sharing the findings of our research, we have proposed the need for more one-to-one support to help those who are experiencing social isolation and loneliness.


The Welsh Government has acknowledged that more support is needed to tackle the impact that the pandemic has had on certain groups of people who have become isolated as a result of it. We have worked with Interlink RCT and Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil (VAMT) to inform their approaches to social isolation and loneliness.



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