Was it all about money?

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ViewsNovember 30th, 2014

Is it all about money? was the title of our Carnegie Challenge debate held on 4th November 2014 in Cardiff.  Kicking off the debate was Peter Kelly, Director of Scotland’s innovative Poverty Alliance, with contrasting views from Jonathan Jones, of Aventa Capital and the Circuit of Wales project who stepped into the breach at the last minute.

What could have been a ‘public hanging’ – as one private sector delegate described it – was in fact a very constructive and mature debate about the role of money and private investment.

Peter Kelly and Jon Jones both agreed that unless people had enough money to ensure not only their basic subsistence but their participation in society then they could not begin to enjoy a decent life – so both supported a Living Wage and a fairer system of social security.

Both Peter and Jon supported responsible investment. Jon made an impassioned case for the need for private sector investment in areas like the Heads of the Valleys – unless there is investment to replace what has gone there will not be jobs or wealth. Peter argued for a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth, so that investors, individuals and the state are fairly rewarded.

Missed it?

Read Peter Kelly’s opening comments here.

Catch up with extracts on YouTube [coming soon]

Read the evening’s tweets on Storify

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