The recruitment squeeze ahead

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NewsApril 2nd, 2024

The Bevan Foundation’s Director, Victoria Winckler, highlights how new legislation is set to make recruiting workers from outside the UK more difficult

The Bevan Foundation contributes a monthly column to Wales’ leading, independent business news website, Business News Wales. The website has more than 250,000 monthly visitors across all sectors of the Welsh economy, enabling the Bevan Foundation to reach deep into the business community.

This month, Victoria Winckler provides insights on recruitment of overseas workers and the impact this will have on Welsh businesses.

From 11th April, the minimum salary of most jobs being sponsored for a skilled worker visa will soar. There’s also a clamp down on partners and children accompanying people coming from outside the UK to work.

This means that within five years, the sectors that have relied on people from outside the UK will not only be unable to sponsor new employees to fill vacancies but could also see their existing workforce with skilled worker visas gradually shrink as they no longer meet the requirements for visa renewal.

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