Welsh Government to explore support to local authorities in assisting people with NRPF

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NewsJune 1st, 2023

We welcome the Welsh Government decision to investigate methods of support to local authorities in assessing the assistance that can be provided to people with no recourse to public funds in Wales. 

The decision includes an investigation into ‘procuring training and online resources, tools or checklists’ for local authorities to use to ‘accurately assess and legally determine’ the support that can be given to a person with a no recourse to public funds (NRPF) restriction on their visa. 

People subject to immigration control generally have no recourse to public funds, which means that they cannot access most mainstream benefits. Although most people with NRPF are in employment, in times of financial hardship there is little support available. The ongoing cost-of-living crisis has an acute impact on people without access to mainstream support. 

The decision report states that the Welsh Government will scope the cost of a specialist advisor to assist local authorities in managing cases of people with NRPF in need of support. In certain situations, the local authority is under a duty to assess a person’s need for care and support and this duty extends to people with no recourse to public funds. Ensuring local authorities are well equipped to carry out their duties and accurately identify people’s rights to support is a vital starting point in supporting people with NRPF and improving access to services. We hope that the Welsh Government decision will lead to practical tools that will help to reduce poverty and destitution for people with NRPF. 

The Bevan Foundation is undertaking work on supporting people with NRPF in the cost-of-living crisis, which can compliment the Welsh Government in its actions.


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