Bevan Foundation responds to a manufacturing future for Wales

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The Bevan Foundation has responded to the Welsh Government’s recent consultation: A manufacturing future for Wales: a framework for action.

In its written response, the Bevan Foundation re-iterated the importance of manufacturing for jobs in Wales, and the potential to re-shore manufacturing to Wales. While the proportion of manufacturing jobs has decreased, it still accounts for a considerable proportion of regional and local employment in some parts of Wales. It is valued for its capacity to stimulate local supply chains, provide skilled and semi-skilled secure employment and pay a fair wage. As the consultation acknowledges, manufacturing is more important to Wales than to any other part of the UK.  In its response to the consultation, the Bevan Foundation outlined that:

  • The Welsh Government has a critical role in fostering the right kinds of positive conditions in which all types of manufacturing can thrive.
  • Manufacturing has an uneven footprint across Wales. For parts of north Wales and the south Wales valleys it represents a significant element of local economic activity.
  • The existing manufacturing base reflects the benefits of investing and supporting economic activity across all parts of Wales, especially in more economically disadvantaged places and those that have been severely affected by loss and re-location of industry and successive economic downturns.
  • Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated a reliance on some long, global and fragile supply chains that have been subject to disruption. Re-shoring of manufacturing will require an expansion of the capacity, skills and infrastructure -including suitable premises and transport infrastructure- needed to support in increased manufacturing base. It will also require anchorage of this base and a policy environment that supports viable and localised markets for it
  •  Manufacturing is much more than a supporting function to the foundational economy. Parts of manufacturing are themselves foundational, given their essential role in provision of essential everyday goods and services.

Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

Read the consultation response here »


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