Caring first, work second – Deborah Hargreaves’ sets out her agenda for modern work

NewsAugust 15th, 2019

Following our event ‘The Feminine Organisation’ back in March, we were delighted when Deborah Hargreaves got in touch to let us know that her report ‘Women at work: designing a company fit for the future’ had been published.

We were even more pleased that many of our event participants had been able to contribute to it!

Deborah’s research set out to explore what women would imagine if they could re-imagine work. In her conclusions she states that there is a clear business case for making the modern workplace work for women, recognising that greater flexibility and diversity is important for men too.

Getting the workplace to adapt, she says, does require some change, but not a revolution: “My conclusion that we need to put caring first and make work fit around it, rather than the other way around, strikes many people as radical. But to me it is just common sense and amazing that we think otherwise.”

You can read the full report and view a short film of the key findings here.

Following her thought leader talk back in March, Deborah has been featured on Woman’s Hour and in the Financial Times. You can revisit the write-up of our event here:

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