Introduce Living Wage to end low pay scandal

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NewsJune 24th, 2014

The Bevan Foundation has called for urgent action to address low pay in Wales.  More than one in five people in Wales is paid less than the Living Wage, according to a major report published today by the Living Wage Commission.

Victoria Winckler, a member of the commission and director of the Bevan Foundation, said in commenting to the Western Mail: “There’s a strong business case for employers paying more, because they save on recruitment and gain in terms of employee loyalty and productivity; a strong case for employees who are no longer constantly worrying and can spend a bit more time with their families; and a strong case for society, saving expenditure on benefits and improved mental health. It’s win-win really.

She went on: “We recognise that paying more is difficult for some parts of the economy such as retail and hospitality, which is why we think the living wage must be voluntary not compulsory. And we also understand that rates of pay are just part of the package – job security and benefits like sick pay also matter.  But we’re very clear – with the leadership and encouragement from governments and practical help, 50,000 people in Wales could have enough to live on at last.”

The Living Wage Commission report is here.

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