Exchange no. 22, Autumn 2022

Bevan Foundation
Exchange MagazineResourcesNovember 8th, 2022

With challenges in many areas of people’s lives in Wales, this latest issue of Exchange – exclusively for our supporters and subscribers – sets out some insights and solutions.

Highlights in this issue include

  • What our ‘Snapshot of Poverty’ tells us about people’s financial position in the summer and where we are headed.
  • An agenda-setting insight into how Airbnb is reshaping the availability of homes for people on low incomes.
  • With asylum-seeking in the news, we explain why new and deliverable solutions are urgently needed for thousands of people who are unable to get advice on their immigration status.
  • An update on how we are creating change after the acceptance of our idea of a Welsh Benefits System.
  • We explain why a devolved sickness scheme is needed, and call on the Welsh Government to develop the sickness payments it introduced during the pandemic.

And more!

This is an exclusive benefit for supporters and subscribers of the Bevan Foundation.

Exchange Magazine is available exclusively to Bevan Foundation supporters.

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