Wales after Brexit: an agenda for a fair, prosperous and sustainable country

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ReportsResourcesAugust 2nd, 2016

The vote to leave the European Union heralds a period of unprecedented political, constitutional, economic and social uncertainty and change. Nobody knows what the future holds – the optimistic and pessimistic forecasts are all based on assumptions that may or may not be realised.

Infographic Hi ResCharting Wales’ course through the next few years will be a major challenge.  In the uncertainty, it would be easy to opt for maintaining business as usual.

But the referendum result was more than just a vote to leave the EU – it was a vote for greater control over and a stronger say in decision making and for a better quality of life now and in the future.

This short paper paper sets out an agenda for principles and key actions which should underpin Wales’ economy, society, environment and democracy as Wales withdraws from the EU and responds to the risks and opportunities ahead.

It looks at:

  • the economy
  • jobs
  • environment
  • public finances
  • government and society.

It concludes by calling on politicians and leaders across business, public organisations, community and faith groups to adopt the agenda and help to make Wales a better place for all.

Pages: 8
Language: English
Format: PDF



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