Tackling disadvantage through childcare in Wales

Poverty Child in a childcare setting
ReportsResourcesJanuary 31st, 2024

New report from the Bevan Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation calls for a radical new childcare offer

Finding good quality, affordable, childcare has long been a challenge for families across Wales. Over recent years significant efforts have been made to address some of these challenges, with further reform on the horizon. There continue to be concerns, however, that the system is not as effective as it could be, in particular with regards to reducing poverty and inequality. 

In May 2023 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Coram Family and Childcare published a landmark report, Tackling disadvantage through childcare. The report identified five principles that must underpin a childcare system if it is to tackle disadvantage.

There is action that can be taken in Wales with regards to each of these principles to ensure that we have a childcare system that truly tackles disadvantage. This new report from the Bevan Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation sets out the evidence and solutions to make childcare in Wales:

  • Affordable: Childcare must be affordable in order to enable parents to work.
  • Quality: Provision must be high quality in order to improve outcomes.
  • Accessed: Disadvantaged children need to be able to take up early education and childcare.
  • Family-focused: Childcare must support a positive home-learning environment.
  • Integrated: Childcare must be a pillar of a wider support system.

Pages: 27

Format: PDF

Language: English (ar gael yn Gymraeg wrth dewis yr opsiwn ar dop y dudalen). 

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