Creating a just Wales: keynote address by Counsel General for Wales

Bevan Foundation
ReportsResourcesJuly 3rd, 2023

The Counsel General for Wales sets out his views on justice in Wales. 

On 26 June 2023, the Bevan Foundation was honoured that the Counsel General for Wales, Mick Antoniw MS, delivered a keynote address on justice in Wales. He spoke at the Bevan Foundation’s summer social at the Norwegian Church, and was joined by around 50 guests from many different walks of life.

Tamsin Stirling, acting chair of the Bevan Foundation, introduced the Counsel General.  In his address, the Counsel General outlined his view that justice not only means the system of courts and judges through which the law is enforced, but the nature of laws themselves and people’s access to legal advice. He referred to the closure of half of Wales’ courts and the limitations on availability of Legal Aid, and said that:

“Justice is no longer local nor accessible to so many of the most vulnerable in our communities”

We are delighted to publish the text of his speech.




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