Differing experiences of poverty in Winter 2020

ReportsResourcesFebruary 10th, 2021

Devastating impact of Covid 19 on poverty and inequality laid bare by new Bevan Foundation Report

The Bevan Foundation’s report, A snapshot of poverty in winter 2020 highlighted the devastating impact the pandemic is having on households across Wales and across the income distribution. Having looked at the impact of the pandemic by household income in the last briefing this briefing examines the economic impact of the pandemic on different demographic groups in more detail.

The report’s 4 key findings are:

  • Incomes have fallen broadly consistently across most demographic groups.
  • Many households have seen their living costs increase. Parents, 25 to 49 year olds and social renters have been especially affected.
  • There has been a squeeze on living standards with many households having to cut back on essential spending. Disabled people, 50 to 64 year olds, renters, lone parents and single person households without children have been especially affected.
  • There is a growing personal debt crisis in Wales. Disabled people, 25 to 49 year olds, renters and parents have been especially affected.

The briefing highlights real concerns that the pandemic is deepening existing inequalities within Welsh society, making the case for significant UK and Welsh Government intervention overwhelming.

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