Changing public attitudes to coronavirus

NewsAugust 19th, 2020

Public attitudes and behaviours towards the coronavirus outbreak are changing.

The Bevan Foundation’s latest State of Wales briefing brings together the key statistics and shows how views are changing. It covers public attitudes on:

  • the threat of the virus
  • visits to other people’s households
  • non-essential travel
  • public health measures e.g. handwashing.

The briefing will be useful to everyone who delivers services to the public, pointing to ways in which they may need to adapt if they are to address public concerns.

State of Wales briefings are highly valued as sources of accessible information.  One subscriber said about the last issue (on Black Lives in Wales):

“We always value your reports, and this one is especially pertinent as we are having conversations as an organisation as to how we can do better”

The briefing is one of the benefits of a Bevan Foundation subscription. More details of how to subscribe are here.

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