Christmas appeal welcomes migrants in Wales

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CampaignsNewsNovember 26th, 2019

Today marks the start of our Christmas ‘Croeso’ appeal to raise £2,000 for our vital work on inclusion.

It may be a controversial topic, but we’re deeply concerned about the plight facing migrants to Wales.

Many people from outside the UK have made Wales their home, often living here for decades and contributing to our economy, NHS and culture. Now they face harassment and abuse. GP surgeries questioning their right to get treatment. Hate crime is increasing rapidly.

Soon, people who have long had the right to live here as EU citizens may be forced to leave. Fewer people in Wales have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme than elsewhere in the UK, and the scheme doesn’t give everyone full protection. It’s been described as a Windrush scandal in the making.

Wales was created from a melting pot of cultures – we cannot turn our back on diversity

We have migrants and their children to thank for Joe’s ice cream, Wrexham Lager, Shirley Bassey and of course rugby coach Warren Gatland.  Our country is enriched by diversity and Wales has a strong tradition of keeping ‘a welcome in the hillsides’.

Our work on migration seeks to find common ground and ensure people of all origins are welcome in Wales.

But we need help to do it. We have no funding for this important work after February, yet the need for it won’t go away.

Our Christmas appeal fund will be used to develop practical tools that people and organisations can use to increase understanding and inclusion – tools we’ll be launching at an event next spring.

Anyone who is interested in donating to this vital work can do so here. 

Say Croeso with a donation today »

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