Minister implements Bevan Foundation recommendations on bus policy

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NewsMarch 24th, 2016

Recommendations made by the Bus Policy Advisory Group, when chaired by Bevan Foundation Director Dr Victoria Winckler, have been taken forward by Welsh Government Minister for Transport Edwina Hart.

In January 2014, Bevan Foundation Director Victoria Winckler was invited by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport to chair the newly-founded Bus Policy Advisory Group. Under her leadership, the group’s report made 11 key recommendations to achieve a step-change in bus services in Wales.

One of the recommendations was that a Welsh Bus Standard should be established, to incentivise and reward investment in better quality bus services.

The Minister has today implemented that recommendation, by launching a Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard.

The Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard sets out some core requirements bus operators will need to meet in order to receive the Welsh Government’s Bus Services Support Grant. The standard also includes some enhanced requirements that are designed to encourage and reward operators to further improve the quality of local bus services.

Dr Winckler said she is “delighted” that the advisory group’s recommendations for the Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard have been taken forward by the Minister, and noted the importance of the standards for bus service users throughout Wales.

The Voluntary Welsh Bus Quality Standard is available to download here, and a copy of the report of the Bus Policy Advisory Group is available here.

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