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NewsMarch 1st, 2013

Can UK Labour learn from Wales?

Yes it can, argued Bevan Foundation director, Victoria Winckler, in an article for Progress magazine. Writing in a personal capacity, Victoria outlined the policy areas in which the Welsh Government was developing new, innovative and progressive policies.

Victoria outlined both the challenges and constraints faced by the Welsh Government. She then suggested that the lack of interest in what Wales is doing reflected not only the general marginalisation of all things Welsh in UK politics but also the absence of ‘isms’ to package up its ideas.

She went on to say that “in its most recent crop of policies and proposed legislation, from the white paper on housing to the draft social services bill, its consideration of a new bill on public health and one on domestic violence, there are innovative and sometimes radical proposals beginning to emerge. ”

“But having bright ideas and generating a flood of white and green papers is not enough. The Welsh government has to prove that its approach not only delivers, but delivers better outcomes than the English or Scottish alternatives.”

Opposition parties will be watching closely to see if and how Wales succeeds. So too should the Labour party.

See more at: http://www.progressonline.org.uk/2013/03/01/under-pressure-2/#sthash.w8yVcnfh.dpuf

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