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NewsMarch 7th, 2013

The findings of the Bevan Foundation’s report on women’s employment in Wales during the recession was debated in the National Assembly for Wales on 6th March 2013.

Plaid Cymru AM Jocelyn Davies’s motion  called on the Assembly to “recognise the complex but predominantly negative impact of economic stagnation and welfare benefit changes upon women and families in Wales as noted by the Bevan Foundation report ‘Women, work and the recession in Wales.”

In the debate, Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood AM, Lib Dem Peter Black AM and Equalities Minister, among others, all commended the report. Winding up the debate, Jane Hutt AM said “I welcome this opportunity to respond to this debate as the Minister for equalities. This week, we have been celebrating women and their achievements, seeking to empower young women to challenge stereotypes and reach their full potential.  Our priority in these tough times is to create jobs and grow the Welsh economy, increasing employment opportunities for both young people and adults.  Peter Black was right to focus on the balanced account and authoritative evidence presented by the Bevan Foundation on the impact of the recession on welfare reform. However, the Bevan Foundation report highlights the challenges that young women—and, in particular, those young women moving off benefits to find work—are facing, especially those with children.”

The motion was passed by 32 votes to 16, with no abstentions.

The full record of the debate is available at 

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