Minister Welcomes Bevan Foundation Findings

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NewsFebruary 28th, 2013

Jane Hutt, Minister for Equalities, has welcomed the Bevan Foundation’s report on women, work and the recession. In a Ministerial Statement issued on 27th February 2013, the Minister said that “The report has many important points and the findings confirm that the recession is far from over for women in Wales.”

She continued:  “The report finds that the recession has followed a different course for women. Where men’s jobs were hit hard in the first few years of the recession, women have lost jobs more recently and continue to do so.  The Bevan Foundation report underlines the challenges facing women in the labour market.”

“It will help to inform policy across Welsh Government as we seek to address both the long-term causes of gender differences in employment and pay and mitigate the effect of austerity measures.”

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