Chip in to Challenge Poverty

#ChallengePovertyWeek 2020: Monday 12th – Sunday 18th October

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on people in poverty in Wales.

Families and people who were struggling before the crisis have been swept into deeper hardship. Restrictions and redundancies brought about by the crisis have pushed many more into a life of poverty.

During Challenge Poverty Week, we’ll be hosting daily activities to highlight why poverty matters and what we can do solve it. As part of this, we’ll be launching our comprehensive agenda to reduce poverty and inequality in Wales; outlining practical, proven recommendations which we will be pushing out to all political decision-makers ahead of the 2021 Welsh Parliament elections.

But solving the challenge of poverty cannot happen without the support of people like you.

So, if lockdown has left you with a little extra cash, please consider a monthly donation of £3.75 or more to help us make our agenda to challenge poverty reach and influence the people that matter.

Your contribution will make our challenge possible. Thank you.

#ChipinToChallenge Poverty – Join us today »

Check out our timetable below to make sure you don’t miss any of our activities.

Date and time Theme Bevan Foundation Activity How to get involved
12 October 2020 Launch – why poverty still matters in Wales Online article and video exploring the drivers of poverty in Wales today. Check out our website and social media channels
13 October 2020, 9:30 a.m. Putting poverty and social justice at the centre of the Welsh Parliament elections in 2021 Launch: Transforming Wales: how Welsh public services and benefits can reduce poverty and inequality Register now!
14 October 2020 How fair work can solve poverty Guest articles reflecting on the latest labour market statistics in Wales Check out our website and social media channels
15 October 2020, 3 p.m. How social housing can solve poverty Twitter chat Tweet using #PWHousing
16 October 2020, 3 p.m. What are the links between food and poverty? (World food day) Watchparty – Nowt but a fleeting thing, followed by a Q&A Register now!
17 October 2020  What impact will the debate around Wales’ constitutional future have on poverty Series of guest videos looking at the future of devolution and its impact on poverty Check out our website and social media channels
18 October 2020 Reflection on the week A recap of all our activities Check out our website and social media channels

Other organisations will also be busy during challenge poverty week. Amongst the things to keep an eye on will be:

14 October 2020 – Launch of End Child Poverty Network’s latest data on child poverty

15 October 2020 – Meeting of the Cross Party Group on Poverty


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