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Every day in Wales, people are trapped in poverty and held back by inequality. Children are going hungry in school holidays. People are working hard yet don’t earn enough to live on. Pensioners are house-bound by lack of good care. And it’s getting worse.

We stand up against the deep-rooted unfairness in Wales’ economy and society.

We develop new ways to boost equality, justice and prosperity for everyone. We work with people who are often ignored to find out what works best for them. We persuade decision-makers of all kinds that it’s time to change.

And it works! We’ve managed to keep grants to help children from poor families to afford a school uniform. We’ve secured ‘growth hubs’ to create jobs in the hard-hit south Wales valleys. And we’ve increased the number of employers paying the real Living Wage.

We can only do this with your support.

Thanks to our regular supporters we can speak out without fear or favour. We are proudly independent and don’t receive funding from the government or any political party. And as a thank you, you’ll get some great benefits:

  • Access to our latest reports on the social and economic issues facing Wales
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