What makes Wales my home?

ProjectsMarch 4th, 2020

Building bridges after Brexit: Creating a common ground between EU citizens and local people in Welsh communities

We have been working on a wider project on migration and integration since July 2018. In the last six months we have had conversations with EU citizens in Wales and many told us that they feel unwelcome and not valued. Many are isolated and fragmented and feel unable to engage in community activity even though they see Wales as their home. At the same time local people feel that they do not understand EU citizens. We have also heard from community representatives about tensions between groups and the negative effect on people’s lives.


  • Increase local residents’ understanding around migration, and why people have migrated to Wales.
  • Dispel any negative stereotypes about EU migrants.
  • Develop shared experiences around the theme ‘what makes Wales my home’.
  • Find ‘common ground’ between communities to help to bring people together.

What we are doing

This work will take place in Swansea. We will be engaging with people with lived experiences of migration and other members of Swansea’s community around the theme ‘what makes Wales my home’. This will involve people telling their stories of how and why Wales became their home, including what they like and dislike and their concerns and hopes for their future.

We will present their stories using written accounts and audio-visuals and we will use social media, local press, and community events to share stories more widely.


The project was kindly funded by the National Lottery Community Fund due for completion in Sept. 2020.


Project outputs include:

What makes Wales my home: the experiences of European migrants living in Swansea

Webinar on the experiences of EU migrants living in Swansea with guest speaker Jane Hutt Ms and Rocio Cifuentes.

If you would like further information about the project please contact [email protected]


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