Our response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on the Welsh Housing Quality Standards

Poverty A picture of a new home
Photo by James Feaver on Unsplash

The Bevan Foundation has submitted written evidence to the Welsh Government as part of their consultation on improving the quality of new social housing in Wales.

The Welsh Government recently called for written evidence as it continues the process of updating its Welsh Housing Quality Standards. The Welsh Housing Quality Standards set out minimum standards for social housing. The Bevan Foundation raised three principal concerns about the standards being proposed by the Welsh Government. These related to:

  • The ongoing enforcement of the standards
  • The role of tenants within the standards 
  • The need to consider the financial implications of the standards for broader housing policy.

In total the Welsh Government posed 25 questions for respondents. The Bevan Foundation submitted a response in relation to 10 of these. In addition the Bevan Foundation submitted a letter to the Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, providing a fuller account of our concerns. We felt that such a letter provided us with an opportunity to express our concerns with the proposed standards with greater clarity. 

Our response to the Welsh Government’s questions can be found here.

Our letter to the Minister can be downloaded below. 



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