Our response to the Children and Young People on the Margins Senedd Inquiry

Photo by Yan Krukau: https://www.pexels.com/photo/preschool-children-doing-hand-exercise-with-teachers-8613366/

The Bevan Foundation reflects upon the pressing issues relating to migrant children in Wales and what can be done to mitigate the effect of the Illegal Migration Act on missing children and children at risk of criminal exploitation.

As part of an inquiry into Children and Young People on the Margins, the Young People and Education Committee asked people for their views. The paper asks for a range of information including views on missing children and children and young people who are victims of criminal exploitation, and those who are at risk, in the context of policy and devolved powers.  

The Bevan Foundation’s response focuses on migrant children, drawing on the recent No Recourse to Public Funds Report and the joint briefing on a Guardianship Service. In particular, the response focuses on the risk to Unaccompanied Children and the potential effect of the Illegal Migration Act, and children affected by the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) condition.  

The Foundation’s response also says:

  • Unaccompanied Children are at heightened risk of abduction, trafficking and exploitation.  
  • The Illegal Migration Act risks removal of Unaccompanied Children from local authority care and placing them in Home Office accommodation. There is the risk that once an Unaccompanied Child turns 18, they could be detained and removed from the UK.  
  • The Illegal Migration Act could potentially impact the likelihood of Unaccompanied Children going missing from care.  
  • Local authorities must be prepared for the implementation of the Act that will drastically affect outcomes for Unaccompanied Children.  
  • There is a desperate need to increase the availability of free immigration advice in Wales. 
  • Establishing a Guardianship Scheme for all Unaccompanied Children would provide better support during the implementation of the Illegal Migration Act and would help to protect them from trafficking an exploitation. 
  • Ensuring that financial support is available for children affected by NRPF, such as entitlement to Free School Meals, and other devolved benefits, will help to reduce the burden of responsibility that can fall on children in financially insecure households.  



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