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NewsMay 25th, 2022

Bevan Foundation joins meeting of the Welsh Government’s Income maximisation task and finish group   

With the cost of living crisis continuing to escalate, ensuring that every household in Wales receives every penny that they are entitled to through the benefit system has never been so important. The Bevan Foundation was therefore pleased to be able to join the latest meeting of the Welsh Government’s income maximisation task and finish group. 

The Bevan Foundation’s Head of Policy (Poverty), Steffan Evans attended on behalf of the Bevan Foundation. Among the issues discussed during the meeting was the progress of the Welsh Government’s work in promoting the take up of benefits, and a review of the commitments made by the Welsh Government to address the cost of living crisis. 

You can read more about some of the Bevan Foundation’s ideas about how establishing a Welsh Benefits System could lead to improved benefit take up here. 

You can also read more about some of our ideas as to what action the Welsh Government should take to ease the effects of the Welsh Benefits System here.


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