New child poverty data published

Poverty A child playing outside in Wales
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NewsMay 19th, 2021

New data published by the End Child Poverty Coalition highlights extent of child poverty in Wales

New data published by the End Child Poverty Coalition shows that 31% of children in Wales live in poverty. The publication of the Coalition’s data follows closely on the heals of the Department for Work and Pensions publishing their data showing that there has been no progress in reducing poverty in Wales for over a decade.

The coalition’s data allows us to dig down deeper into what is happening in various communities across Wales with the data available at both local authority and constituency level. There are big variations across the nation. In Cardiff 33.1% of children live in poverty compared with 23.4% in Monmouthshire. In every Welsh local authority however, more than 1 in 5 children live in poverty, highlighting that child poverty is a problem in all our communities.

Given that the data precedes the pandemic it is likely that the number of people struggling to keep their heads above water has increased. Recent research published by the Bevan Foundation highlights the extent of the strain that pandemic has placed on many households.

Responding on behalf of the Bevan Foundation, Dr Steffan Evans said:

“The latest statistics are clearly very disappointing but are not surprising. The data highlights why it is so important that the new Welsh Government makes poverty a priority”.


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