Helping to cut poverty in Swansea

Poverty A man at a food bank
NewsSeptember 20th, 2016

The Bevan Foundation was delighted to give expert evidence to Swansea Council’s scrutiny of its anti-poverty strategy on Monday 19th September.

Swansea Council is one of very few in Wales to have an anti-poverty strategy. Its scrutiny panel will look at how well the strategy is performing. In particular, the scrutiny panel will focus on:

  • Outcomes
  • Resources
  • The role of Councillors
  • Awareness
  • What Works
  • Involvement of other departments and organisations

The scrutiny panel comprises councillors from all political parties represented on the Council, and is chaired by Cllr Sybil Crouch.

The Bevan Foundation’s evidence drew extensively on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s recently published UK Strategy to Solve Poverty. It emphasised the complex causes of poverty, and highlighted JRF’s 5-point plan which is based on a review of UK and international evidence of proven actions to reducing poverty.

Bevan Foundation director, Victoria Winckler, said:

Swansea Council has taken the initiative with its anti-poverty work.  Looking at how well it is working is important, and we’re really pleased to play a positive role in highlighting the evidence on ‘what works’ so that the Council’s scrutiny panel can make recommendations on the way forward.

Speaking alongside Victoria Winckler was Emyr Williams, who is Senior Research Officer of the Public Policy Institute Wales. Emyr highlighted PPIW’s recent work on ‘what makes a successful anti-poverty strategy‘.

The scrutiny panel is also inviting organisations working with people affected by poverty to give evidence and is visiting key anti-poverty schemes.


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