Paupers’ Funerals a sign of the times, says Bevan Foundation

Poverty An empty wallet
NewsDecember 28th, 2014

The increase in the number of people having public health – or paupers’ – funerals in Wales has been said by Bevan Foundation Director Victoria Winckler to be “no great surprise”.

The increase, reported in the Western Mail on 28th December 2014, meant that local authorities paid for the burial of 189 people in the previous two years.

Victoria commented “We know that people are under huge financial pressure and a lot of people don’t make provision for a funeral for themselves and don’t have a family in a position to pay for a funeral as well.  We also know that when people are ill, if they have had long-term health problems that can have a dramatic effect on their incomes.”

The full story is here.

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