Sealed bid painting auction

Thanks to the generosity of one of our supporters, we are delighted to be auctioning this beautiful painting as part of our No Place for Poverty campaign this autumn.

This stunning unframed canvas painting measures a striking 90cm x 90cm and has been painted with acrylic, pastel, ink and car spray. Artist Barbara Castle OBE explains what inspired it:

‘What do we do now?’ – Barbara Castle OBE

What do we do now Barbara Castle“In my mind’s eye, ‘What do we do now?’ sums up the dilemmas and contradictions of our industrial heritage. The pits and heavy industrial plants were stark and ugly places, but they were the centre of many people’s worlds.
“I feel angry to think they were mostly cleared away, without much thought about what they could become. People lost the heart of their communities and the scars are all around us in our amazing landscapes; poverty, ill health and unemployment are still blighting many people’s lives.
“I sometimes imagine what it would be like if we had kept all the pit wheels as massive sculptures across the hills and valleys – wouldn’t people come to see them, in the same way we go trekking across the planet to experience the heritage and history of other continents and countries?  I wonder what lessons we can glean from this… What do we do now?”

We are extremely grateful to Barbara for donating this extraordinary and unique work of art. You can read more about Barbara on our ‘Pictures of Wales’ page.

We invite all interested individuals or organisations to submit their best offer by 12noon on Friday 16th November.

Interested parties must submit their bid in writing by downloading and submitting our Sealed bid NPFP submission form in a sealed envelope – addressed to Vivienne Sugar – NPFP submission – via post or in person. You may request to view the painting at our Merthyr Tydfil office during usual working hours. We will also be showcasing it at our 8th November and 15th November events.  All proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting our projects to eliminate inequality, injustice and poverty in Wales. Please see full terms and conditions below.

Download our Sealed bid NPFP submission form


Terms and conditions

  1. The sealed bid auction is open to the public, including all individuals and organisations within the UK and Republic of Ireland.
  2. There is a reserve sale price. If the painting fails to attract this price, it will be returned to the artist.
  3. Interested bidders must download and complete the Sealed bid NPFP submission form.
  4. To qualify for a winning bid, the form must be filled out completely. The form should posted or hand delivered to: Vivienne Sugar – NPFP submission, Bevan Foundation, 145a High St, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8DP.
  5. No bids will be accepted over the phone.
  6. Bidders can only place one bid each.
  7. The auction will close at midday on Friday 16th November. Bids received after this time will not be opened.
  8. The bids will be unsealed between 1pm – 3pm on Friday 16th November by an independent party and the winning bidder will be notified the following week.
  9. In the event of a tie bid, only those included in the tie will be allowed to bid again. Those bidders will be notified and asked to bid up, if they so choose. The process will repeat until there is a winning bid.
  10. The winning bidder will have 14 days from notification to submit payment by BACs, cash or cheque. The payment must be for the full amount of the bid. If payment is not received in 14 days, the bid will be null and void and the next highest bid will be accepted. Payment will be made to Bevan Foundation.
  11. The winning bidder is responsible for collecting or shipping the painting.


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