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Our Wednesday Webinar series provides a weekly look at some of the key issues (besides coronavirus) facing Wales, as well as an opportunity for discussion.

You can find the recording of our webinars below, and view the upcoming programme on our events page.

Poverty in Wales; Child poverty

Is it time for a Universal Basic Income in Wales

June 12th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Ian Gough Mark Hooper

The outbreak of Coronavirus has prompted calls for a Universal Basic Income to be introduced in Wales. Join our webinar to find out more about the idea, its pluses and pitfalls. The Coronavirus outbreak has seen more than 100,000 people […] »

Settled status for EU migrants

A Welsh Windrush? Settled status for EU migrants

June 4th 2020 - Presented by: Dr Victoria Winckler - host Claire Thomas Dr Claire Thomas Úna Boyd Wiard Sterk

People from the EU who wish to remain in Wales must apply for ‘settled status’. In this webinar, Dr Claire Thomas, Policy & Research Officer at the Bevan Foundation, is joined by Una Boyd, Immigration project coordinator for CAJ, and […] »

Understanding the Everyday Economy and Why it matters

May 28th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Lloyd Jones Nisreen Mansour Ian Thomas

The coronavirus outbreak has identified the vital importance of the everyday (foundational) economy to our wellbeing. This webinar explains exactly what the everyday economy is and how it can be supported and grown. Some of the key topics covered include: […] »

Online course

Learning for life – in lockdown and beyond

May 22nd 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - chair Louise Casella Louise Wilford Milly Blenkin Jane Roberts

This webinar was hosted in conjunction with our partner The Open University in Wales during #LearningatWork week 2020 and takes the form of a panel discussion. In it we explore how organisations are providing opportunities to learn during lockdown, how […] »

Making the most of community assets

May 21st 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Helen Cunningham

Community ownership of assets can be important in increasing prosperity in some places, but pitfalls abound. Some of the key topics covered include: The different kinds of productive community assets The current climate, challenges and thinking around asset development What […] »

Housing in the Welsh valleys

Better help with housing costs

May 15th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Steffan Evans

The Welsh Government and local authorities help people on low incomes with the costs of housing. This webinar focuses on the support that’s available for people on low income with their housing costs, and our ideas about how that support […] »

Snog, marry, avoid? Poverty amongst women

May 7th 2020 - Presented by: Helen Cunningham - Host Victoria Winckler Catherine Fookes Natasha Davies

Women’s poverty is hidden by the statistics and their experience of poverty is often different to that of men.  Find out why this matters and what can be done about it at this webinar. Official measures of poverty assume that […] »

Social partnership – can it improve working lives?

April 30th 2020 - Presented by: Dr Victoria Winckler - host Huw Anslow Shavanah Taj Leighton Jenkins

Nearly a quarter of the Welsh workforce does not earn enough to live on and thousands struggle with poor conditions. The idea of ‘fair work’ has risen up the policy agenda recently as a way of addressing the many challenges […] »

Sign saying everyone is welcome

Croeso! How international migrants can be integrated into Wales’ communities

April 24th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - host Claire Thomas Claire Thomas Rocio Cifuentes Rocio Cifuentes

Modern Wales is built on immigration from around the world. Yet today it can be difficult for some migrants to integrate into their community. This webinar explores the experiences of migrants in Wales in settling in their communities, and the […] »

Why worry about Welsh towns?

April 16th 2020 - Presented by: Victoria Winckler - Host Helen Cunningham

Wales is a nation of towns. Yet some of our towns are struggling, while others are thriving. This webinar explains the trends, challenges and new approaches to towns’ development, including building on their assets making them ‘liveable’. Some of the key […] »

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Wales’ best policy and politics magazine! This issue of Exchange provides more insights into the current and important issues in Welsh public life. This issue includes articles : Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales, on the challenges faced by children […] »

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