Renewable energy in the foundational economy

ReportsResourcesNovember 13th, 2020

This paper explores the vital role that renewable energy generation can play in the foundational economy.

The Welsh Government is committed to increasing the proportion of energy and heat requirements that are met from renewable sources. It also has major ambitions for the economy, including the foundational economy.

However discussions about the foundational economy rarely include energy generation, and debates about decarbonisation often do not mention the economic impact of renewables.

This paper draws on a round-table discussion with stakeholders across economic sectors. The aim was to explore how the renewables sector can be put centre stage in the development of the foundational economy.

The paper highlights the ability of renewables to create ‘clean’ electricity to power homes, workplaces and transport. It also explores the sector’s scope to solve multiple challenges faced by people and communities across Wales.  The economic benefits lie primarily in the stimulus to the local supply chain and in community benefits including new forms of ownership.

The Bevan Foundation gratefully acknowledges the contribution of RWE Renewables (formerly innogy) to this work. The views in the report are solely those of the Bevan Foundation. 



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