‘We need more than words’: community responses to the draft Race Equality Action Plan

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The Bevan Foundation and South Riverside Community Development Centre has submitted its consultation findings on the draft Race Equality Action Plan

In March 2020 the Welsh Government set outs its commitment to develop an action plan to tackle issues of racism and race equality. Events including the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on BAME communities, the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement accelerated the urgency for action and a draft Race Equality Action Plan was published for consultation in March 2021.

The Consultation 

In partnership with South Riverside Community Development Centre the Bevan Foundation has carried out a consultation with members of the community to gather feedback and views of the draft plan.

Overall participants were hopeful that the action plan would lead to meaningful change for people who have faced racism and discrimination. They particularly welcomed the opportunity to take part in this consultation and were encouraged to see the voice of lived experience sitting at the heart of the development of the plan. The goals and policy actions reflected the actions that they felt would make an impact, although they gave more priority to language and digital skills and advice.

While feeling hopeful, participants expressed their scepticism around whether the Welsh Government was committed to achieving this wide-ranging plan and to what extent they have the resources, power and influence to deliver such ambitious actions. Sadly, many feel racism, prejudice and discrimination are deep-rooted in our communities; existing between and across ethnic groups. Creating a society which is ‘anti-racist’ and free of these behaviours will take courage, leadership, resources, and a commitment to achieving change. It will involve difficult conversations and tackling entrenched attitudes in society in an extremely short and limited time frame.


Participants want to see the changes outlined in the plan, but their preference is for a plan which is achievable and will lead to action and impact rather than just bold words. As part of this consultation, participants identified a number of key recommendations to ensure the plan meets their needs and the needs of ethnic communities and which tackles the right issues to achieve meaningful change.

You can read the full response here


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