Making the everyday economy work for smaller places

ReportsResourcesMay 12th, 2021

The everyday economy can create advantages in smaller localities, but requires action to help level the playing field

The everyday economy is seen as a promising means to stimulate local economies, including those of smaller places. This report outlines the factors that affect its prospects in such places.

While some businesses capture local custom, expenditure leaks away elsewhere due to competition from online purchasing, larger nearby settlements, competitive pricing from larger players and the relative advantages they enjoy. For places where average household incomes are relatively low, this limits the market further. In some places, the local built environment that is the backdrop to how the foundational economy functions is in need of maintenance and upgrade to attract more  local spending.

Key recommendations

  • Targeted, flexible and outreach business support to adapt to changing consumer habits and aid collaborations between businesses to capture local spend.
  •  A minimum standard of well maintained basic local infrastructure to help create a foundational “eco-system” that supports places of all kinds and addresses the advantages of bigger players in the economy.
  • Support development of local “USP” renewal through grassroots initiatives and increased local authority powers of compulsory purchase and enforcement.

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