Cynon Valley after Covid

Economy Landscape of Cynon Valley
ReportsResourcesNovember 26th, 2021

The Cynon Valley has been hard hit economically by the pandemic. The Bevan Foundation was commissioned by Beth Winter MP to chart a new and better future.

The pandemic has seen the Cynon Valley experience high levels of business closure and a steep decline in employment. These changes come on top of long-standing economic challenges. There are many new opportunities which could transform the Cynon Valley in the future. 

This report argues that the focus should not just be on job creation but on a local economy which is:

  • resilient and rooted
  • closer to home
  • fair terms and conditions at work
  • low carbon.

Based on extensive interviews with stakeholders and the public, the report sets out a five point agenda for action based on:

  1. Spending locally
  2. Building business capacity, including establishing a local development trust
  3. Growing the green economy
  4. Increasing household incomes
  5. Making the most of its strategic location

This report was undertaken independently and the views are only those of the Bevan Foundation. 



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