The Welsh Government is considering a single access point for benefits

Poverty A man woman and two children


Research undertaken by the Bevan Foundation highlighted the extent of different grants and allowances that are provided by the Welsh Government and Welsh local authorities on a means tested basis to low-income households. These grants and allowances include Free School Meals, the Council Tax Reduction Scheme and the Discretionary Assistance Fund. These schemes are largely viewed as separate to each other meaning that people must submit multiple application forms to get all the support they are entitled to. This leads to many people missing out on support.


The Bevan Foundation has called on the Welsh Government to establish a Welsh Benefits System. Doing so would allow us to develop a coherent system of already-devolved grants and allowances that are sufficient to lift people on low incomes out of poverty. One of the major advantages of doing so would be to allow people to apply for all the support they are entitled to in one place.


The Welsh Government has been working with local authorities to explore how a single access point could be developed. Working with local authorities, the Welsh Government is looking to share best practice and has already published a best practice tool-kit on how to simplify the application process.


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