More people recognise how important migration is for Wales’ future

People A woman looking at two signs


All parts of Wales have experienced some increase in the number of people moving into the area from outside the UK. Even though the numbers of in-migrants are often very small, many people are concerned about levels of immigration and the impact to their communities. As a result, immigration has often been viewed negatively, and was one of the concerns which influenced the vote to leave the EU.


Our work on migration has highlighted how important migration is not just for Wales today, but for Wales’ future. We have shown that without migration Wales’ population would have decreased, and that future growth relies on people coming into Wales from within and outside the UK. We have shone a light on the essential role that migrants play in the Welsh economy, public services and in higher education.


Although immigration policy is a reserved matter, we have made the case that Wales has a right to have a say on who has the right to live, work, study and seek sanctuary here.


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