Snapshot of poverty report covered by BBC

Poverty Steffan on BBC Wales Today
NewsDecember 16th, 2021

The Bevan Foundation’s Snapshot of poverty in winter 2021 informed BBC Wales’ coverage of the latest inflation data

Having received significant media attention last week the Bevan Foundation’s Snapshot of poverty in Winter 2021 report hit the headlines again this week, informing the BBC Wales’s coverage of the latest inflation data. 

The report’s findings were covered on a variety of platforms including:

  • BBC Wales Today 
  • S4C’s Newyddion 
  • BBC Wales’ website

The Bevan Foundation’s Steffan Evans was interviewed on each of the channels. Speaking on BBC Wales Today Steffan said on the increase in the number of families that are struggling to afford anything beyond everyday essentials:

That’s about the same number of households as there are in Gwynedd, who have now moved into difficulty affording their everyday needs, which just wasn’t the case previously. It means families are having to make really difficult choices and are not able to enjoy the living standards we all expect everyone to be able to have.


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