Extensive media attention for Snapshot of Poverty Report

Poverty A photo of the Western Mail editorial
NewsDecember 9th, 2021

The Bevan Foundation’s latest report Snapshot of poverty in winter 2021 covered on tv, radio and print and digital media.

December 9th saw the Bevan Foundation publish its latest report Snapshot of poverty in winter 2021. The report, based on a poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Bevan Foundation paints a grim picture of the extent of poverty and inequality in Wales this winter. It has drawn considerable media attention with coverage in six different outlets. 

  • Steffan Evans appeared on BBC Radio Cymru’s Dros Frecwast to discuss the report’s findings. 
  • The report was featured in both an article in the Western Mail and a subject for the day’s editorial. 
  • A detail article on the report was published in the National. 
  • The report was covered in Nation.Cymru.
  • The story featured on BBC Cymru Fyw.
  • The report is also set to feature on ITV Wales news on the evening of the 9th. 


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