International Migrants’ Day 2021

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Celebrating International Migrants Day – 18th December 2021

Ahead of International Migrants Day, we’ve been speaking to some of the women we’ve met through our project exploring the lived experience of migrants in Wales.

Our short video below, compiled with the support of our project partners Comunidade da Lingua Portuguesa de Wrexham (CLPW), South Riverside Community Development Centre and Together Creating Communities, features women who have come to Wales from all over the world.

In it, they explain the reasons they love living here, the challenges they faced when arriving and their achievements since living here. Ana Paula from Portugal says:

“It’s a country where I am safe, where I’m happy… People here are very welcoming.”

While for Gabriela, the emphasis is on family:

“I’m very happy as I have my children living with me.”

Arafa talks about her proudest moments living in Wales, having her children and coordinating a women-child group:

“It’s a group where women meet every week having different activity, sharing common information and having lots of fun.”

Maha shares her success in overcoming her biggest challenge:

“When I came here I do have problem with the language barrier. Now, I can do everything myself. I got a job.”

And Sarra reflects on how she has had made a difference through her work:

“I work here in different community organisations and I built good relationships with the community…. We campaign for different issues, for social justice, women equality. This is part of my mission in life so I’m very happy to do that.”

After struggling with missing her family, Kensi says:

“I make my family my community, the people I live with, which helped me to become a strong link worker between the service provider and my community.”

Iolanda says:

“One of the proudest achievements of my life was to found CLPW.”

Community groups like CLPW, South Riverside Community Development Centre and Together Creating Communities, are a lifeline for these women and many others.

We’d like to thank all the women and community groups for supporting the production of this video, and Raquel for providing Portuguese translation.



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