Bevan Foundation discusses green and fair transition

NewsOctober 12th, 2021

Helen Cunningham appeared on ITV Wales’ Sharp End to talk about what a fair, green transition should look like

The impact of climate change is already being felt in Wales and there is an increasing focus on a green transition to a low carbon economy. However, its effects are not felt evenly. It is sometimes disadvantaged communities that are affected the most, but often least able to respond.

Speaking on ITV Wales’ Sharp End, Helen Cunningham argued that a green transition must be one that leaves no one behind and one where the costs are distributed fairly. This includes ensuring that people on low incomes are not unfairly penalised or priced out of green adaptations.

Reflecting on what “green actions” should be considered by policy makers, Helen said that actions must reflect and take account of the experiences and needs of disadvantaged communities and people on low incomes. This includes actions to ensure people in industries at risk of change have the support and skills necessary for changes in jobs and a public transport network that is accessible, affordable and meets transport needs.

You can watch it back on the ITV Wales website here


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