Free School Meals debated in Senedd

Poverty Photo of a school setting
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
NewsJuly 15th, 2021

The Bevan Foundation’s research on Free School Meals raised in Senedd debate 

The Bevan Foundation has produced extensive research over recent months looking at how the provision of Free School Meals could be expanded in Wales. At present, a child whose family receives Universal Credit is only eligible for Free School Meals if their family’s earned income is extremally low, less than £7,400 a year. This means that there are thousands of children in Wales who are trapped in poverty who miss out on a healthy, nutritious meal during the school day.

The Bevan Foundation’s recent research has shown that making Free School Meals available to all children whose families are eligible for Universal Credit is both affordable and practically deliverable. We were therefore pleased to see that these reports were cited at length in the Senedd during a recent Plaid Cymru debate on Free School Meals, informing the debate. 

Our research and the Senedd debate also received significant press coverage, with a number of articles appearing in the National, alongside coverage in Voice.Wales.



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