Writing in The National

NewsMarch 1st, 2021

The Bevan Foundation is delighted to share its ideas in the first edition of Wales’ new newspaper, The National.

We’re delighted that our Director, Victoria Winckler, has an opinion piece in the first, St David’s Day, print edition of Wales’ new national newspaper – The National.  In it, Victoria writes that:

True recovery means more than just reopening shops, gyms and hairdressers. It means righting the wrongs that bedevilled Wales for the last 20 years.

Victoria outlines the Bevan Foundation’s proposals to achieve that true recovery, including the provision of a safety net for all through a Welsh Benefits System, outstanding education, health, social care and housing services, and a fair and inclusive economy.

Elsewhere in the newspaper, Victoria argues that devolution has helped the fight against Covid, allowing the Welsh Government to adopt measures that better reflect Wales’ circumstances and that fit with Wales’ values.


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