Bevan Foundation takes part in Plaid Cymru’s virtual spring conference

Bevan Foundation
NewsMarch 8th, 2021

The Bevan Foundation took part in a panel discussion and held a fringe meeting at Plaid Cymru’s virtual spring conference.

With two months to go until the Senedd elections the Bevan Foundation were delighted to be able to attend Plaid Cymru’r virtual conference on the 5th of March to share our ideas about ending poverty. The Bevan Foundation took part in two events.

The first event was a panel discussion on ‘what the next Welsh Government can do to tackle poverty and social injustice’. The discussion was chaired by Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Economy, Tackling poverty and Transport, Helen Mary Jones who was joined by the Bevan Foundation’s director, Victoria Winckler, Stuart Ropke of Community Housing Cymru and Katie Palmer of Food Sense Wales. To read more about some of the ideas shared by Victoria during the discussion check out our A Better Future for the People of Wales.

The second event was a fringe meeting arranged by the Bevan Foundation to discuss our work on the need to establish a Welsh Benefits System. Victoria Winckler and Steffan Evans joined the panel on behalf of the Bevan Foundation, alongside Helen Mary Jones and the Shadow Minister for Public Service Transformation and the Future, Local Government Association Coordinator, Delyth Jewell from Plaid Cymru. To read more on our work on the Welsh Benefits System click here.

With Covid 19 pushing more families into poverty and deepening existing inequality these were very timely discussions. The Bevan Foundation believes solving poverty should be a priority for all parties for the upcoming elections.


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