Bevan Foundation welcomes valleys climate fairness recommendations

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NewsMarch 25th, 2021

The Bevan Foundation was a member of the advisory committee to the south Wales valleys climate and fairness panel

The Bevan Foundation has welcomed the report of the south Wales valleys climate and fairness panel report launched this week.

Led by the Institute for Public Policy Research, a group of nineteen residents of the South Wales Valleys came together online as a citizens jury for over twenty hours of deliberations. The panel was asked to consider what practical steps should be taken together in the South Wales Valleys to address the climate crisis and restore nature in a way that is fair for everyone. Collectively, the jury was representative of the valleys in age, ethnicity, sex, locality, qualification levels, and attitude to climate change.

The panel developed over 30 recommendations in response, with a strong emphasis on a fair transition requiring more local jobs, better transport and revitalised towns, so no one has to leave the valleys to to get a decent job.

The Bevan Foundation participated as a member of the advisory committee that helped support and plan the programme of deliberations and evidence. It also presented in sessions on jobs and work and transport. Speaking about the report, Dr Victoria Winckler, Director of the Bevan Foundation said:

“These recommendations demonstrate the breadth of solutions and ideas communities come up with when asked. The panel says a fair transition to a green economy means the South Wales Valleys must not face a repeat of the injustices during past transitions and that’s absolutely right. We are very pleased so see the panel echo our advocacy of Anchor towns and the need for policy makers to think about rural and urban areas differently when it comes to public transport”

The panel also advocate treating digital infrastructure as a basic human right, investing in lifelong learning, and making education affordable for all. The full set of all thirty recommendations can be found here

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