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Bevan Foundation joins Radio Cymru on the BBC’s laptop scheme

February 3rd 2021

Steffan Evans joined BBC Radio Cymru on 2 February as they launch the BBC’s ‘give a laptop’ campaign

Ymunodd Steffan Evans â BBC Radio Cymru ar 2 Chwefror wrth i’r BBC lawnsio ei ymgyrch “rhowch gliniadur”

Child with laptop

As the BBC launched their “Give a laptop” campaign, Steffan Evans joined Aled Hughes on his morning show to discuss some of the challenges children living in poverty have faced as a result of the pandemic. Steffan noted how children living in poverty were already far less likely to get the top grades in schools before the pandemic and that there are fears that the situation may have decreased significantly.

He said:

“Even before the pandemic there were children who were growing up in poverty and at a significant disadvantage. There are around 180,000 children living in poverty in Wales, which isn’t far from 3 in every 10 children. The evidence was clear even before the pandemic that around 3 in every 10 children who had Free School Meals left school with the best GCSE results compared with 6 in every 10 for other children. So there was a problem already in terms of how children were doing in school but obviously with the pandemic children in the poorest households have been far less likely to have access to technology to be able to have lessons online. There are therefore really concerns that the problem we already had has worsened significantly.”

You can listen back in full to what Steffan said here from around 1 hour 8 minutes. If you want to find our more about the BBC’s campaign and have a laptop you would like to donate you can find out more here.

Wrth i’r BBC lawnsio ei ymgyrch “rhowch gliniadur” fe ymunodd Steffan Evans â Aled Hughes ar ei rhaglen i drafod rhai o’r heriau mae plant sydd yn byw mewn tlodi wedi eu hwynebu o achos y pandemig. Nododd Steffan bod plant sy’n byw mewn tlodi yn barod yn llai tebygol o gael y graddau gorau yn yr ysgol, hyd yn oed cyn i’r pandemig daro, ac mae na bryderon bod y sefyllfa wedi gwaethygi yn sylweddol.

“Hyd yn oed cyn y pandemig roedd plant a oedd yn tyfu fyny mewn tlodi dan anfantais enfawr. Mae tua 180,000 o blant yng Nghymru yn byw mewn tlodi sy ddim yn bell o 3 ym mhob 10 plentyn. Roedd y dystiolaeth yn glir hyd yn oed cyn y pandemig bod tua 3 ym mhob 10 plentyn oedd yn derbyn cinio ysgol am ddim yn derbyn y graddau gorau yn eu TGAU o’i gymharu i 6 ym mhob 10 plentyn oedd ddim yn derbyn cinio ysgol am ddim, felly roedd na broblem yn barod o ran fel oedd plant yn neud yn ysgol. Gyda’r pandemig nawr mae’r plant sy’n byw mewn tlodi wedi bod yn lot llai tebygol i gael mynediad i dechnoleg i allu gael gwersi ar lein felly mae na ofid mawr iawn bod y sefyllfa wedi gwaethygu yn sylweddol.”

Gallwch chi wrando yn ôl yn llawn i glywed beth oedd gan Seffan i’w ddweud yma o tua 1 awr a 8 munud. Os hoffech ganfod rhagor am ymgyrch y BBC a bod gennych chi liniadur yr hoffech i’w rhoi yna allwch ganfod mwy yma.

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