Extensive coverage for new Bevan Foundation report on poverty this winter

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NewsFebruary 10th, 2021

The Bevan Foundation has received extensive media coverage for its latest report on poverty this winter

The Bevan Foundation’s latest work on poverty and the pandemic has received extensive media coverage. The Foundation’s report, Differing experiences of poverty in Winter 2020 lays bare the devastating impact of Covid 19 on poverty and inequality.

Amongst the report’s headline findings are:

  • Nearly a quarter of Welsh household have seen their incomes reduce since March 2020.
  • Many living costs have increased significantly with 41% seeing an increase in the cost of heating, electricity and/ or water, and 38% seeing an increase in the cost of food.
  • These pressures have led to houses having to cut back on essential spending, squeezing living standards.
  • Others have fallen into debt with 9% of Welsh households falling behind on at least one bill and 15% borrowing money.
  • It is the households that were already at the greatest risk of poverty that have been most likely to have to cut back on spending or to have fallen into debt raising concerns that the pandemic will deepen inqueality.

The report received coverage in Wednesday’s Western Mail, appearing on the front page. It has also been the lead item on the Cymru Fyw section of the BBC website and Steffan Evans appeared on BBC Radio Cymru to discuss the report’s findings. You can hear more of what Steffan had to say from the clip below.

If you want to learn more about our report and our findings then why not join the Bevan Foundation for tomorrow’s webinar. You can register for free here.

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