Understanding a place’s past to inform its future development

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NewsJanuary 27th, 2021

Understanding Cwmafan, Treherbert and Treharris: The past, present and future. How the development of these places could inform their potential future

In a new publication the Bevan Foundation looks at the development of Cwmafan, Treherbert and Treharris over the last 100 years or so to the present day – their economic and social development to inform how they may develop in the next 100 years.

Lloyd Jones, the author of the report, says “each place has seen significant change to the present day, linked to their industrial past. All three have unique characteristics that on reflection, could offer genuine opportunities to strengthen them as places people want to work, socialise and live in.”

The publication looks at how industry and retail, local services and community infrastructure have shaped the communities. It reflects on how each can maximise their geographic locations, core of businesses and potential for tourism to generate wealth locally and improve opportunities for all residents.

The publication was produced as part of the Bevan Foundation’s Three Towns project which explored practical ways to make the most of the foundational economy in three valleys communities.

We will be releasing three separate versions of this paper for each community with image contributions from residents soon

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