Bevan Foundation shares work with HouseMark’s welfare reform club

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NewsDecember 3rd, 2020

Steffan Evans shared the findings of the Bevan Foundation’s latest work on Welsh Benefits at a meeting of HouseMark’s welfare reform club

Steffan Evans was delighted to receive an invitation from Housemark to come and share the Bevan Foundation’s latest work on housing and Welsh Benefits at a meeting of their welfare reform club. Steffan gave a presentation outlining the significant role that Welsh Benefits play in supporting low income families and outlined the need for reform.

Steffan explored how housing costs can drive some families into poverty in Wales. He also explained that not only can unaffordable housing costs be a cause of poverty but that being in poverty places people at a heightened risk of living in poor quality, over crowded homes.

Sharing some of the Bevan Foundation’s latest research on housing and poverty, Steffan outlined how establishing a Welsh Benefits System, could lead to a more generous and fairer system of support for people who are trapped in poverty and provide families with a vital lifeline. He also reflected on what lessons the Bevan Foundation’s research might highlight for other parts of the UK, focusing in particular on what social landlords can do.

Speaking about the event Steffan Evans said “it was great to have an opportunity to share our findings with housing sector. If we are to solve poverty it is vital that we take action on both housing and social security so it’s encouraging to learn that so many people in the sector are interested in our work”.

If you’d like the Bevan Foundation to come and share their latest research with your organisation then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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